Artist’s Statement

Marking Time


In this age of social media, people invest countless hours in the construction of their carefully edited personal narratives.  In direct response to the quick, immediate, and ultimately intangible results of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the like, I sought a way to record the moments of my day in a more tangible and thoughtful manner, using fiber media and techniques.  My intent was ambitious: using a roughly 5x6 piece of fabric as my base, I constructed a composition for each day of the year, starting on February 29th, 2o12, and ending 366 days later, on February 28th, 2o13.  This was a project with which I engaged daily, even in the smallest slivers of time, giving me the opportunity reflect on the moments that make up my day and to play with both media and materials.  I can think of nothing that reveals more about me than these 366 separate works of art that bear witness to my thoughts and feelings, using materials touched by my hands through stitching and dyeing.